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Divesh Uttamchandani diveshuttamchandani at
Tue Jun 5 07:18:45 CEST 2018

Hi all,

I am working on Easy GnuPG improvements
<> for Google
Summer of Code 2018 mentored by Dashamir Hoxha and T K Sourab.

Dashamir suggested that some of you might be interested in this project so
I am dropping its current progress here:

The Initial scope of the project was to do complete rewrite of egpg using
python and GPGME.
Last week we tried another approach which is to replace the gpg calls with
calls to python scripts which achieve the same functionality calls to GPGME

Major things done during few week:
- learning the use of GPGME following this
<> resource and
bash scripting.
- Setting up development environment (docker scripts)
- writing scripts for signing <>
and verification <> replacing the
gpg calls.

I am updating my weekly reports on this
<> GitHub
repo so if you are interested you can watch the repo.

If many of you are interested, and community doesn't consider these as a
noise,  I can also mail my reports every week to this list.

Lastly, If community has any suggestions for the project and our approach
please reach us out through this thread.

Divesh Uttamchandani
GitHub <> | LinkedIn
<> | University Profile
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