gpg 2.2.8: mainproc.c:686: error: 'GPGRT_LOGLVL_INFO' undeclared

Claus Assmann ca+gnupg-devel at
Fri Jun 8 16:27:36 CEST 2018

Hmm, did I do something wrong?

mainproc.c: In function 'proc_encrypted':
mainproc.c:686: error: 'GPGRT_LOGLVL_INFO' undeclared (first use in this function)

That macro doesn't seem to be defined anywhere in this source code
(does it rely on some include file from some other lib*?)

Maybe it should be this:

--- g10/mainproc.c-	Fri Jun  8 07:20:01 2018
+++ g10/mainproc.c	Fri Jun  8 07:20:12 2018
@@ -683,7 +683,7 @@
            * are rare in practice we print a hint on how to decrypt
            * such messages.  */
-            (GPGRT_LOGLVL_INFO,
+            (GPGRT_LOG_INFO,
              _("Hint: If this message was created before the year 2003 it is\n"
                "likely that this message is legitimate.  This is because back\n"
                "then integrity protection was not widely used.\n"));

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