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I am trying to apply for PhD studies, and usually they ask you
for a project proposal, what will be the topic of your research
(and development). The time of PhD studies is usually 3 years.

I have a couple of ideas myself, but I would also like to ask
your opinion. Are there any project ideas that can benefit
or improve GnuPG?

For example, from some discussions here I get that the fact
that keyservers do not allow you to remove your keys may be
a problem for the right to be forgotten of GDPR.

Personally I think that keyservers should allow the users
to remove their own keys. If this is a bad thing, let the user
software take care of it, do not enforce it on the keyserver.
The keyserver is just a servant and it should obey the orders
of the user, even if they damage the user himself.

The user's software (that runs in the computer of the user,
`gpg` or something else), should warn the user about the bad
consequences of making a wrong decision. But if the user
wants to shoot himself on his foot, let him do it. This is in line
with the Unix/Linux philosophy that the user knows what he
is doing.

So, would an improvement or rewrite of the keyserver software
be a useful project for GnuPG (and a good PhD project proposal)?
What other projects could be beneficial for GnuPG?
If you had money available for sponsoring PhD students,
for what projects would you spend them?

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