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> signature or decryption) read an OpenPGP file (either binary or ASCII
> armoured) and report the sort of things viewed with list-packets or

I don't think that it should be GPGME's goal to provide all internals of
an OpenPGP message or keyblock.  However, certain things which can
indeed be useful and are availabale in plaintext and without signature
verification can be added to gpgme_data_identify or a new alike

> instance, via gpg.Context().keylist(); but even that doesn't get quite
> everything that list-packets does.  It doesn't for instance, obtain
> the digest algorithm with which the key certified itself.

I consider this an internal property of OpenPGP and not of general
interest for an API which should provide an mostly abstract view of the
underying crypto protocol.

If tehre is a policy or compliance need for this we can add this to gpg
proper and set a flag in the gpgme key object.

> In which case he might or might not have access to the key the data is
> encrypted to or supposed to be encrypted to, but still need to confirm
> whether or not the customer has actually done what they were told to
> do the right way.  In my experience that's rare enough in general
> without the additional complication cryptography brings to the party.

:-).  A dry-run feature for decryption would be best I think.

> scenarios where a security conscious IT department might need to check
> that employee generated keys all meet certain minimum key requirements
> and, depending on the size of the organisation, they might not want to

That is for what we have this pretty new compliance thing.  The code
allows to easily add other compliance policies than the current de-vs



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