next AE cipher COLM?

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> advisable to stick to algorithms with a few miles on the clock, such as
> GCM, even if they may not be strictly ideal? There will never be an

I wrote it several times over the last days: We have working and
interoperable implementations of the new AEAD mode [1].  Along with a
very well optimized implementation in Libgcrypt master.  No need to open
that case again.  It is unfortuanate that we need to have algorithm
preferencees and to define two of them but that is required to avoid a
patent trap.  Adding another patented algorithm with zero experience in
the field is not helpful.

And please don't mention GCM - counter based algorithms are way too
brittle for solid cryptography.  Remember the RC4 lessons.



[1] Ribose NetPGP (rnp), GnuPG 2.3, openpgp.js
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