Keyservers and GDPR

Ben McGinnes ben at
Thu May 24 12:15:41 CEST 2018

On Wed, May 23, 2018 at 11:27:15AM +0200, ilf wrote:
> There is a ton of FUD about the GDPR out there right now. Most of it
> frivolous. (Actually, a lot of it is deliberate fearmongering by
> people who happen to sell legal advice on the GDPR.)

Somehow this comes as absolutely no surprise whatsoever.

> To sum up: Keep calm and keep running keyservers. You'll be fine.

Thanks for an excellent practical overview of the background of the
law and what it's building on.

That's the kind of information which is not really known by most
people outside of the EU and so we're all just hearing "new law and it
must be followed outside of the EU if it affects anyone inside the EU"
(on pain of fines and/or total geo-blocking or whatever).  There's a
*lot* of panic in other FOSS projects as well, which this explanation
shows really is based on that kind of FUD.

I believe I may be using the list archive's URL for your post (and the
privacy data usage statement follow-up) to at least try to help calm a
few people down.  😉

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