hkp4py hkp|hkps bindings for python.

Marcel Fest marcelf at
Tue Oct 16 22:44:55 CEST 2018

Nice after releasing 1.12 everything is working fine.

The python KeyServer library hkp4py is now supporting hkps keyservers.

Please checkout.

Best Regards


> Not that it's Arch's fault, it's not.  It's that the key_import
> function was added after GPGME 1.11.1 was released.  The same is true
> of the three export methods added around the same time.
> Whereas I'm using the latest version in the master branch almost all
> the time (for obvious reasons).  Anyway, the key_import, key_export,
> key_export_minimal and key_export_secret functions will be available
> to all when GPGME 1.12.0 is released very soon.  With the additional
> key_blob response you added, I'll be able to include some more
> detailed examples in the HOWTO for that release.
> Regards,
> Ben
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