[PATCH Libgpg-error] gpg-error.m4: support pkg-config

NIIBE Yutaka gniibe at fsij.org
Wed Oct 31 00:30:48 CET 2018

Alon Bar-Lev <alon.barlev at gmail.com> wrote:
> I will appreciate if we can keep this thread alive to help us improve
> the usability of the build system.

Not directly related to your purpose of introducing pkg-config, but
since it is strongly related, let me explain my work these days.

FWIW, I pushed my effort to offer .pc files by GnuPG libraries (npth,
libgpg-error, libgcrypt, libassuan, libksba, and ntbtls), and
to enable gpgrt-config handle .pc file.

Now, GnuPG master can be cross built with no SYSROOT nor --with-*-prefix
(given libraries of master installed), for major cases like Debian
multiarch (e.g., i686-linux-gnu on x86_64-linux-gnu), for Windows, and
possibly for Gentoo/Fedora/Arch -style multilib.  I mean, just configure
with --host=* (and --libdir=*) option.

My focus for this change is for GnuPG build.  There is no change for
GnuPG requirements.

>From my viewpoint, it will be a kind of side effect when those libraries
can be used by pkg-config.

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