New mirror:

ced at ced at
Sat Jan 5 09:47:49 CET 2019


I've set up a new mirror.

The website is mirrored at <> and
the FTP is at <>

I sync every 6 hours on a random minute from rsync://

I noticed that most mirrors listed at
<> are no longer maintained so
this may need some spring cleaning.

Moreover, many links/paths on the website start with a slash (/) and
since I'm hosting the website in a sub-directory, they end up in 404s.
Ideally all links/paths should be made relative (similarly to what does). As a temporary workaround, I do some dirty
post-processing to fix them:

> find .../ -name '*.html' \
>      -exec sed -ri 's:(href|src)="/:\1="/' {} \;

Hopefully this is the right place to post this - please point me to the
appropriate mailing list if not.

Thank you,

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