Preserving non-central and privacy with a "permission recording keyserver"

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Tue Jul 9 21:37:17 CEST 2019

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>> === Record deletions
>> If someone requests a deletion (which means this person can prove
>> that it is there personal data), this is also recorded, only by key
>> number, so this can also be synced with other keyservers.
> Sure, technically not a big thing. 

Right, we have most tthings already in place.  To delete a key the owner
of the key just needs to publish a revocation certificate.  The
keyserver validates the revocation and removes everything from the key
but the primary public key and the revocation signature.

We can also make use of the reason-for-revocation flag.  For example

  No reason specified               --> Delete as described.
  Key is superseded                 --> Keep keyblock.
  Key material has been compromised --> Delete as described
  Key is retired and no longer used --> Keep keyblock

In the keep cases the server should be prepared to see another
revocation to delete the key.  This is a bit questionable in the "key
compromised" case.



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