Launching a new keyserver on!

Vincent Breitmoser look at
Wed Jun 12 18:53:50 CEST 2019

Hey gnupg-devel folks,

the Hagrid team is pleased to announce the launch of our new keyserver, running

Here's the short story:

* Fast and reliable. No wait times, no downtimes, no inconsistencies.
* Precise. Searches return only a single key, which allows for easy key discovery.
* Validating. Identities are only published with consent, while non-identity information is freely distributed.
* Deletable. Users can delete personal information with a simple e-mail confirmation.
* Built on Rust, powered by Sequoia PGP - free and open source, running AGPLv3.

Full news announcement:

Our primary motivation was to have a place where OpenPGP clients can reliably
and quickly obtain updates to key material (subkeys, revocations, ...), and that
also has as a simple and useful way of key discovery.

Some of the things we do are a bit experimental. For some things we found that
there is no good mechanism at this point, so we decided to drop them for now.
Most notably this includes third party signatures on keys, because they in their
current form the difficulties wrt privacy and spam outweigh their usefulness.

The server implementation Hagrid (as in, "keeper of keys") is developed here:
Feel free to file issues if you find anything out of place. Please read our FAQ
first ;)

Huge thanks to Kai for the initial implementation, Justus and Neal for creating
Sequoia and working with me on this, dkg and Paul for testing and tons of
feedback, Phil for providing us with the domain, and of course everyone who
helped us test and polish this thing!

Happy to hear your feedback!

 - V

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