Should Poldi lock the smart card when the screen locks?

Alexander Paetzelt | Nitrokey alex at
Wed Sep 25 14:13:04 CEST 2019

On 24.09.19 17:23, Franklin, Jason wrote:
>> What I was thinking about is a function in the OpenPGP Card standard
>> since version 3.1. It is possible to use the VERIFY command to reset the
>> access status to 'not verified' (see 7.2.2 of the current standard). [1]
>> This may does the trick. Of course, this solution would be limited to
>> OpenPGP Cards only.
> This sounds like a great idea.  I would love to explore this further.
> I am very curious to see what Niibe thinks about this.

My message was a bit misleading, I am afraid. I mixed up some things in
my head...

The proposed "maybe-solution" would only work with newer cards following
the OpenPGP Card standard (v3.1). I am not sure if you would like to use
this for a general purpose screen locker. Thus, I guess the solution
that Werner proposed is much better (killing scdaemon when locking the
screen), especially because I think it is working for all cards that
make use of poldi. So this would be a more general approach. Did you
already think about that solution?

Kind regards

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