Someone is squatting GnuPG names

Holger Smolinski via [gnupg-devel] gpg-devel at
Thu Apr 2 08:15:08 CEST 2020

Am 02.04.20 um 03:06 schrieb Jeffrey Walton via Gnupg-devel:> It looks
like someone is squatting the name names "GPG" and "GnuPG"
> (and the other subprojects). Also see They are
> even using the project's icons.

This guy, Jeroen Ooms, at UC berkeley seems to fork vand group arious
repositories. Maybe he has "just" not understood unwritten naming
conventions for private repositories...

Could be helpful to talk to him and stay tuned for any activities which
could undemine the authority of mainline GnuPG.


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