Someone is squatting GnuPG names

Jeroen Ooms jeroen at
Sat Apr 4 18:03:22 CEST 2020

On Thu, Apr 2, 2020 at 9:40 PM Werner Koch via Gnupg-devel
<gnupg-devel at> wrote:
> On Thu,  2 Apr 2020 04:26, Jeffrey Walton said:
> > Why has GnuPG not taken action? What is the purpose of allowing people
> > to make the mistake?
> It is free software and thus everyone may take, modify and publish
> copies.  IIRC, the Jeroen once contacted me and he agreed to add a note
> stating that it is not the official/primary repo.
> For 25 years or so new projects register a .org domain and that should
> be the first try to locate development versions.  In case of GnuPG, you
> can also look into the AUTHORS file (or Debian's copyright file) to
> figure out where the main developers put there work.

Indeed, we use this git mirror (not fork) to make the GnuPG sources
more accessible for ourselves and other Github users. Github has nice
tools for browsing, searching, and tracking development which are not
available from the GnuPG git server.

The code is not modified in any way, so it is really no different than
mirroring the tarballs. This is all in the scope of the GNU license. I
find it strange to hear OP talk about "authorized source" as if it
concerns his personal proprietary software and copies should be taken
down. This is merely a mirror to increase the visibility and
accessibility of GnuPG source code for the large number of Github
users and the larger public. There are many other open source git
organizations that develop in a self-hosted git server but still host
a mirror on Github:

We make it obvious in the description of the Github account that this
is an unofficial mirror. In case people somehow miss that and send a
pull request, we reply that this is a mirror and point them to the
official sources:

If somebody within the GnuPG team wants to take over the mirroring
process, I am happy to transfer ownership of the Github account, but
last time I asked, nobody was interested.

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