[PATCH v3 0/5] Add TPM2 support to gnupg 2.3

Werner Koch wk at gnupg.org
Wed Mar 10 15:06:13 CET 2021

Hi James,

> This is a set of patches adding TPM support to gnupg-2.3

Thanks for the patches.  I was already considering when to add your old
patches.  So these reworked patches really came in time for a new beta.

>   tpm2d: Add tpm2daemon code
>   agent: Add new shadow key type and functions to call tpm2daemon
>   g10: add new command keytotpm to convert a private key to TPM format
>   tpm2d: add tests for the tpm2daemon

I applied all these patches with a few minor changes.  However, I have
not yet tested anything, just made sure that it builds fine.

The tests duplicate quite some some code but I guess we better live with
this until we could rework the test framework.  header blurbs are
missing but there is an SPDX line thus this should be okay.

>   Add Support for the Intel TSS

I am not sure about this one and whether this needs to be applied right
now.  My installed libtss-dev version is the 2 years old 1045-1.2.

The files in tpm2d/ are missing the usual header blurb.  I assume they
are all meant to be GPL-3.  I attach a patch adding them.  Would you
mind to sign this off and send a fixed patch?  In fact I am not sure were
you use the code too and thus a different license version might be

The whole gpg with TPM thing sounds interesting.  I took quite a while
to add this to master since you first showed be it at some FOSDEM.


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