Second 2.3.0 Beta

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Mon Mar 15 15:32:01 CET 2021


We plan to soon start with a GnuPG 2.3 series to slightly modernize
GnuPG.  We will need a few releases to fix still open bugs and to learn
about new problems.  Before we release 2.3.0 we consider it useful to
have wider beta tests to catch build problems etc.  Here comes the
second beta.

2.3 is GnuPG Git master and is regularly used at least by us.  However,
building from Git is harder than building from a regular tarball or just
using a Windows installer.  Thus here is our Beta:

You need the latest version of Libgcrypt and libgpg-error to build it.
Windows users may want to try the installer at

As usual no guarantee for not breaking things.  As long as no new option
is used there should be no problem to move back to 2.2.27.

Here is a list of new things since the first beta (beta1689):

  * tpm2d: New daemon to physically bind keys to the local machine.

  * gpg: New option --force-sign-key.  [#4584]

  * gpg: New option --no-auto-trust-new-key.

  * scd: New option --pcsc-shared; see man page for important notes.

See the included NEWS for all changes in 2.3.0.  Note also that the
Windows Unicode support in the provided build does not completely work
if GnuPG is installed under a directory containing Unicode characters.
This is because the needed Libassuan version has not yet been released;
Unicode command line arguments will work in any case. 

Please send bug reports to this list.

Happy hacking.

  Your GnuPG hackers.

Die Gedanken sind frei.  Ausnahmen regelt ein Bundesgesetz.
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