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Hi Dashamir,

Am Montag 03 Mai 2021 19:53:46 schrieb Dashamir Hoxha via Gnupg-devel:
> I would appreciate if someone could review this article and provide
> any comments or feedback:

just briefly browsed it (not read through everything).
Thanks for working on WKD and WKS in the first place!
It is helpful to get the word out on this.

Some suggestions:
* Give details about the version numbers and systems
  that you give commands for. (Maybe Debian as you use
* Personally I found it too long, maybe the container part
  could at least be split out.
* There is some duplication to what is in the
  other places in the documentation and your article. (You can
  add stuff to the wiki, too. :)) 
* There are a few recommendations for the server in the specificaton
  like RR record if the advanced method is used or the disabling
  of directory listings. Maybe your examples could mention them.
* It is still okay to use the public keyservers.

I like the first three sections.

Best Regards,

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