issues with Unicode characters in UI dialogues (at least on Windows)

Jeffrey Walton noloader at
Tue Jan 4 22:02:19 CET 2022

> > Don't assume that everybody on this planet has a stable and fast
> > internet connection.
> On the contrary: in year 2022 I consider safe to assume that a ~100 K e-mail message [1] is trivial for any available internet connection, even when reading the e-mail with, for example, a 12 years old Symbian based Nokia N8 over a 3G mobile network. If someone still uses a 14,4k modem (at best) for its computer, then that is *its* problem, not to the rest of the world – not to mention that speed, in this particular case, is of no importance.


In the past Africa and Central America had some of the slowest speeds.
They were still doing dial-up while a lot of places had moved to

And take a look where the US is on the list: #25. We can thank the US
Supreme Court for that. The idiots in the black robes declared 2
companies were enough for competition. Contrast that to South Korea,
which has 6 providers veying for a consumer. South Korea is #2 on the
list, and they can download a 3.5 GB image in about 7 seconds. And
South Korean consumers pay about half the price of a US consumer with
a slower connection.

It should be no surprise the US Supreme Court screwed up again. They
are the same asses that brought us Scott v Sandford, and declared
black people were property and had no place in our democracy. That
ruling still stands today; the Court has never fixed it. The Judicial
Branch should be proud of itself.


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