Some problems between GnuPG and Smart Card

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Wed Jan 5 09:08:59 CET 2022

After three days of hard work, I solved the problem of sending mail using the OpenPGP/MIME protocol on the software. Now this email will not cause reading troubles.If there is anything wrong, please point it out, thank you. 

Now, I am here to raise a question. Recently, I have encountered many problems in adapting the graphical interface interaction between Yubikey and gnupg. I am thinking about why some settings need to be manually added to some additional settings. I have used almost all mainstream systems to communicate between my smart card and GnuPG, and found that some settings need to be added to the scdaemon configuration, or some other related libraries need to be installed. For some ordinary users who use smart cards, these unintuitive settings, or problems related to them, may undermine their confidence in continuing to use them. 

I found that there are many such solutions on the Internet, the problem I encountered has also been encountered by many others. Is there any way that scdaemon can automatically recognize these situations and add appropriate settings. Or is there any mechanism that allows ordinary users to avoid these problems that they don't understand? I plug in the smart card and can edit card or move to card without doing any other operations. The above work I have done is mainly to show the writing operation intuitively to users through a graphical interface in the future, instead of letting them use the command line. However, these additional settings make me have to think that even if I make a suitable graphical interface, it may not work properly due to some setting problems that I don't know about. 

I had to temporarily suspend my plan and then turn to you for help.
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