issues with Unicode characters in UI dialogues (at least on Windows)

Bernhard Reiter bernhard at
Mon Jan 10 11:49:50 CET 2022


thanks for helping GnuPG with the Romanian translation of GPA [2]
and by reporting general issues!

Note that GPA currently is a bit on the slow track, with Werner, its principal 
maintainer does not having much time for it. The main development effort 
goes into Kleopatra these days and GPA will probably be dropped from the 
Gpg4win installer, see

But I think your report maybe showing a problem also present in other 

Am Dienstag 04 Januar 2022 21:36:41 schrieb Cristian Secară:
> I would have done that (bug report), but what component to consider for
> report ? 

One report should go to the pinentry and pinentry-qt component.
(You can also report without category, if you are unsure, just describing the 

> First I observed those popup dialog encoding errors during GPA 
> usage when I worked on its translation [2], only later I observed the same
> errors when interacting with other 'connected' programs; the title bar of
> the snapshots in question says "pinentry-qt", however, it seems to me (?)
> that the translated messages are gtk gettext (not Qt); I also assumed (?)
> that the error messages are distinct from pinentry itself and I also guess
> that Gpg4win is just a sort of a wrapper for the suite.

Maybe you can do another development step by checking pinentry directly,
e.g. try to call pinentry-qt.exe directly and do something like
OK Pleased to meet you
setcancel äh öh

And see which string may cause an unwanted behaviour and if other pinentry
versions work better. (You then may need to pipe in the commands from a file, 
as I do not know what kind of transformations a powershell or may 


> [2]

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