GnuPG and macOS App Sandbox

Patrick Brunschwig patrick at
Sat May 21 10:48:20 CEST 2022

Saturneric via Gnupg-devel wrote on 19.05.2022 11:34:
> Hi, Is there any way to put GnuPG into a macOS App Bundle? Or has anyone
> already tried it? Especially the macOS App Bundle, when the security
> sandbox mechanism is on, access to executable files or resources outside
> the App Bundle is prohibited.
> Also, I am concerned that even if it is possible to wrap gpg into a
> macOS App Bundle, it may need access to some additional resources, which
> is not allowed in the sandbox.

I that it's not possible to put GnuPG into a macOS App Bundle. GnuPG
works with absolute paths for its helper tools and daemons. Even though
the default installation location for Apps on macOS is in /Applications,
a macOS App Bundle may be installed or started from anywhere in the file
system. This collides with the absolute paths of GnuPG.


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