Option in gpg to copy STDIN to STDOUT instead of nowhere.

Gilles LAMIRAL gilles at lamiral.info
Fri Dec 22 07:23:46 CET 2023

Hi Andrew

 > However, if you have a specific use case that requires it

Some use cases requested by imapsync users:

a) Make a copy of a mailbox with all messages deciphered, if any.
b) Do a grep in all messages of a mailbox, searching for an email based on its content.
c) Do some statistics about email content; it's similar to b).

This is not a popular request anyway.
It's because nearly nobody encrypts his emails.

 > you could try wrapping it in a loop like this (beware this is NOT TESTED):

Thanks for this code!

I was about to write a tool doing the "act like cat" feature request but
I wondered if it could be easier to code it inside a known decipher tool.

It has to be reliable and safe from a content point of view,
leaving STDOUT as STDIN in case of a failure to decipher,
STDERR being ok to carry anything.

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