Interoperability with OpenPGP crypto-refresh

Kai Engert kaie at
Wed Feb 1 17:13:19 CET 2023


I'm working on the Thunderbird email client and its email encryption 
functionality, which currently includes OpenPGP (using RNP) and S/MIME 
(using NSS).

In my understanding, the OpenPGP working group intends to publish a 
refreshed version of the OpenPGP Internet standard.

Based on the discussions on that list, I got the impression that 
multiple groups were able to reach consensus on evolving the OpenPGP 
specification. However, IIUC the GnuPG developers have concerns about 
the changes that are being considered in that specifications, and IIUC 
there is some uncertainty what this could mean for the future of the 
GnuPG software.

I'd kindly like to ask:

Does the GnuPG development team consider it a goal for future GnuPG 
software releases to preserve compatibility and interoperability when 
exchanging messages with other implementations of OpenPGP, such as 
implementations of the upcoming IETF specification?

The reason why I'm asking:

I'd like to understand if it will be possible for Thunderbird to 
exchange OpenPGP messages with both GnuPG and implementations of the 
upcoming IETF specification, using a single OpenPGP message format.

Thanks and Regards

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