gpgme python bindings (Re: [PATCH gpgme] Fix prerelease Python sdist tarball creation and add PEP517 support)

Bernhard Reiter bernhard at
Thu Jan 5 15:59:32 CET 2023

Hi David,

Am Donnerstag 01 Dezember 2022 10:57:28 schrieb Bernhard Reiter:
> It would be cool to improve the python binding situation,
> even it is just to clarify it more.

to explain further [1]:

The GnuPG devs support the official GPGME bindings for Python
it comes as part of the release tarball, for details see

However the do _not_ (so far) maintain a pypi distribution,
thus is outdated.

## History of pypi/gpg
It was updated by Justus Winter 2018  who did work as GnuPG dev
for g10code until 2017, so he may have started this as GnuPG dev [1].
Ben McGinnes then did some followup work.

As far as I remember, there were technical difficulties how the C part could 
be build with pypi to make sure that distributions with pypi were practical.
Since Ben stopped working on it, there is lack of maintainer power.

## How to go forward?
Your patch was a reminder to check if the situation can be solved in a better 
way (maybe because of new ideas or because the situation has improved).
That is if there is time, because I or somebody else has it. 
My first step would be to check the status, who controls the pypi entry
and see about your patch, make a plan. And document this in the tracker or the 

Best Regards,
[1] Thanks for asking me this on Mastodon:

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