Bug in g10/build-packet.c:gpg_mpi_write()

Falko Strenzke falko.strenzke at mtg.de
Wed Feb 21 11:01:54 CET 2024


I think there is a bug in GnuPG the function 

The case I observed is an opaque MPI with a leading byte 0x04. The call 
to gcry_mpi_get_opaque() already sets the correct bit length (i.e. 
accounting for the highest 5 bits to be zero). Then the subsequent code 
again subtracts 5 from nbits, effectively reducing the byte count by 
one. The written MPI is thus one byte too short.

- Falko

gpg_mpi_write (iobuf_t out, gcry_mpi_t a, unsigned int *r_nwritten)
   gpg_error_t err;
   unsigned int nwritten = 0;

   if (gcry_mpi_get_flag (a, GCRYMPI_FLAG_OPAQUE))
       unsigned int nbits;
       const unsigned char *p;
       unsigned char lenhdr[2];

       /* gcry_log_debugmpi ("a", a); */
       p = gcry_mpi_get_opaque (a, &nbits);
       if (p)
           /* Strip leading zero bits.  */
           for (; nbits >= 8 && !*p; p++, nbits -= 8)
           if (nbits >= 8 && !(*p & 0x80))
             if (--nbits >= 7 && !(*p & 0x40))
               if (--nbits >= 6 && !(*p & 0x20))
                 if (--nbits >= 5 && !(*p & 0x10))
                   if (--nbits >= 4 && !(*p & 0x08))
                     if (--nbits >= 3 && !(*p & 0x04))
                       if (--nbits >= 2 && !(*p & 0x02))
                         if (--nbits >= 1 && !(*p & 0x01))


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