Hockeypuck 2.2

Andrew Gallagher andrewg at
Sun Mar 17 00:30:07 CET 2024

Hi, all.

I have a stable development branch for Hockeypuck 2.2 that is ready for beta testing. 

If anyone wants to help test, please pull the latest branch at onto a test machine, and restore from a fresh dump (this is important). For testing purposes, please comment out any SeenCache setting from your config file.

New features include:

* No more update churn! (TM)
* No more images
* Automatic deletion of personal data from hard-revoked keys (*)
* Automatic deletion of corrupted and misplaced packets
* Proper handling of detached revocation signatures

This update will require a dump and reload due to the large number of corrupt packets that need to be cleaned from the dataset. While it is technically possible to upgrade in-place and wait for the database to self-clean, this is highly inefficient and causes a large amount of disk load. My test nodes thrashed for over a week when I tested this…!

Note also that for the same reason hockeypuck 2.2 *will not* sync with either hockeypuck 2.1 or sks-keyserver 1.1.6 - it is necessary to impose a hard version bump to prevent the deltas overwhelming sync.

Any further ideas, comments, or questions are welcome! :-)



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