Solaris 8 vs. solaris 2.6
Mon, 3 Feb 2003 22:49:30 -0000

Dear All

I compiled the gpg executable under Solaris 8 and have successfully migrated
the executable to other Sun Solaris 8 boxes to run GNU Privacy Guard.

However after transferring the same executable to a Sun Solaris 2.6 box and
trying to run a clearsign activity I always get the same eror message:

gpg: can't mmap pool of 16384 bytes: Invalid argument - using malloc
gpg: can't lock memory: Invalid argument

Is this a known problem ?

Is all I have to do to fix it, is compile the gpg executable under Solaris
2.6 ?

Many thanks for you patience !


Graham Wildridge
Remedy ARS Development
BT Computing Partners
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