The GNU Privacy Handbook - possible error in the key integraty section example

Herbert Straub herbert at
Tue Jul 20 10:09:26 CEST 2004


the German translation of this handbook does'nt contain equal parts in the
section: 3. Key Management / Key-Integrity. Werner Koch answer in the gnupg-users list, that the german examples are using own keys. Therefore the explanation text of the example contains the wrong key id in the german translation. I suggest an update of the key id.  Details:

The example in the english version:

chloe% gpg --edit-key chloe
Secret key is available.

pub  1024D/26B6AAE1  created: 1999-06-15 expires: never      trust: -/u
sub  2048g/0CF8CB7A  created: 1999-06-15 expires: never
sub  1792G/08224617  created: 1999-06-15 expires: 2002-06-14
sub   960D/B1F423E7  created: 1999-06-15 expires: 2002-06-14
(1)  Chloe (Jester) <chloe at>
(2)  Chloe (Plebian) <chloe at>

Command> check
uid  Chloe (Jester) <chloe at>
sig!           26B6AAE1 1999-06-15         [self-signature]
uid  Chloe (Plebian) <chloe at>
sig!           26B6AAE1 1999-06-15         [self-signature]

As expected, the signing key for each signature is the master signing key with
key ID 0x26B6AAE1.

And now the same section in the german version:

chloe$  gpg --edit-key chloe
geheimer Schlüssel ist vorhanden.

pub  1024D/1B087D04  created: 2000-06-07 expires: never      trust: -/u
sub  2048g/6A3E902A  created: 2000-06-07 expires: never    
sub  1792G/7D5D4DAE  created: 2000-06-07 expires: 2002-06-07
sub   960D/C0A27DBE  created: 2000-06-07 expires: 2002-06-07
(1)  Chloe (Journalistin) <chloe at>
(2)  Chloe (Freie Autorin) <chloe at>

Befehl> check
uid  Chloe (Journalistin) <chloe at>
sig!       1B087D04 2000-06-07   [Eigenbeglaubigung]
uid  Chloe (Freie Autorin) <chloe at>
sig!       1B087D04 2000-06-07   [Eigenbeglaubigung]

Wie erwartet, wird für jede Unterschrift der primäre Schlüssel mit der
Schlüssel-ID 0x26B6AAE1 genommen.

Look at the Key 0x26B6AAE1. The german version does'nt have it.  I think, it should be 0x1B087D04.

2. The header specify the  < at> mailinglist, but Werner said, that this list was closed, due to inactivity. I suggest to update this to <gnupg-doc at>

Below a patch file (diff to the current cvs version of the gph)

Herbert Straub

Index: keymanag.sgml
RCS file: /cvs/gph/gph/de/keymanag.sgml,v
retrieving revision 1.3
diff -u -r1.3 keymanag.sgml
--- keymanag.sgml       28 Aug 2000 21:54:40 -0000      1.3
+++ keymanag.sgml       20 Jul 2004 08:02:25 -0000
@@ -217,7 +217,7 @@

 Wie erwartet, wird für jede Unterschrift der primäre Schlüssel mit der
-Schlüssel-ID <literal>0x26B6AAE1</literal> genommen. Die Eigenbeglaubigungen auf
+Schlüssel-ID <literal>0x1B087D04</literal> genommen. Die Eigenbeglaubigungen auf
 den Subkeys sind in dem öffentlichen Schlüssel enthalten, doch
 werden sie vom Schlüsseleditor nicht gezeigt.
Index: manual.sgml
RCS file: /cvs/gph/gph/de/manual.sgml,v
retrieving revision 1.14
diff -u -r1.14 manual.sgml
--- manual.sgml 6 Oct 2000 15:57:36 -0000       1.14
+++ manual.sgml 20 Jul 2004 08:02:26 -0000
@@ -93,7 +93,7 @@
 Richten Sie bitte Ihre Fragen, Fehlermeldungen oder Anregungen,
 sofern sie dieses Handbuch betreffen, an die Mailingliste
-<email> at</email>.
+<email>gnupg-doc at</email>.
 Mike Ashley ist der Autor des orginalen englischen Version dieses
 Handbuchs, Beiträge lieferten auch Matthew Copeland,
 Joergen Grahn und David Wheeler.

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