A diff file for generating a possible revised GNU Privacy Handbook

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Thu Mar 31 22:30:45 CEST 2011

Attached to this message is a gzipped diff file that should be usable
for generating a revised version of the GNU Privacy Handbook. The
diff file should be applied to a downloaded copy of the current
English HTML version of the GNU Privacy Handbook
<http://www.gnupg.org/gph/en/manual.html> in order to produce the
revised version.

Notes: The existing GNU Privacy Handbook was licensed under the GNU
Free Documentation License (GFDL), and the GFDL specifies certain
conditions with regard to distributing modified versions of the
handbook, including the use of a different title for the work. For
now, the revised version of the handbook has the same title as before.
In addition, in the "Using trust to validate keys" section, the
revised version includes the statement "In such a case, the path of
signed keys from K back to your own key is subject to the same length
limit of five steps that was previously mentioned." I am not totally
sure as to the accuracy of this statement, but I am assuming that it
is probably correct. Lastly, the e-mail address for Mike Ashley that
is given in the handbook may no longer be valid.

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