Suggested updates for the Privacy Handbook?

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Fri Oct 18 06:50:27 CEST 2013

It would be useful for the GPH to specify whether it is referring to GPG2 or a version of GPG in the 1.x line, and it might also be useful to include slight coverage of the differences between the two. In addition, the following topics and issues should be considered:
* Phasing out SHA1 and MD5 hashing and moving from DSA to RSA keys (see for info.)
* Using frontends such as GPGTools for the MacOSX platform and GPG4win for the Windows platform.
* The limitations of GPG with regard to protecting against attacks against an end user's system.
* Obtaining and installing GPG (including verification of downloaded copies, if necessary.)

Other possible topics are:
* Migrating from the PGP product to GPG.
* Comparing OpenPGP and S/MIME.

Attached to this message is a Signatures.gif image file which should have a better appearance than the existing signatures.jpg image file. (At the time when the GPH was originally written, JPEG may have been preferable because of GIF being subject to licensing issues with LZW compression and support for PNG images being less widespread than it is now.)

Adjusting the license for the GPH so that it can (at minimum) be distributed under the terms of CC BY-SA 3.0 would be useful.

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