State of Ja translation (was Re: Errata for GPH available?)

IIDA Yosiaki
16 Feb 2000 20:37:50 +0900

Werner Koch <> writes:

>Did you use Docbook too and are you interested in doing a copyright
Actually, since I don't have comfortable SGML environment at this moment, I wrote my own support M4 macros to produce both SGML and Texinfo output. At least Texinfo output works. Both outputs look fine.
>assignment for the FSF, so that we can put it into the new gph
I wrote copyright *disclaimer* for Japanese translation and sent it to FSF, in order to contribute my PO translations. I am not sure about the difference between `disclaimer' and `assignment', but if my disclaimer does not fit, please let me know. I see no problems writing and sending assignment.
>BTW, how about the staus of teh Japanese po files. Seems that the
>TP-Robot as some problems. IF you have something ready, plese mail it
Yesterday, I was assigned as the Japanese translator of PO files of gnupg. Please find my name in: I just have made my very first GnuPG PO submission, and it seems that my PO is accepted by the TP-Robot, so it must be available via: in few hours (or days?). Enjoy. Und bitte spielen Sie! -- iida