Japanese and UTF8

IIDA Yosiaki iida@ring.gr.jp
18 Feb 2000 11:12:43 +0900

Werner Koch <wk@gnupg.org> writes:

>now that we have a Japanese translation, we have to do a conversion from
>EOC_JP to UTF-8, because UTF-8 is the required encoding for user IDs
>and some other strings in OpenPGP.
At the last time I replied to this message, maybe I was too excited and lost sime points. As this list is named gnupg-i18n, it is for internationalization. Internationalization is a process of generalization. OTOH, Japanization and other localizations are processes of specialization, and they are facing the very opposite side. So my first lost point is this: In this list, do we want to discuss localizations as well as internationalization?
>Do you mean to escape all non 7bit characters like "\dd" ?
>You know have to do this using the --charset option which defaults to
>latin-1. Therefore I should use libiconv.
My second option, escapings like \dd, \xdd and others come to me as idea of --transfer-encoding option. And specifying a charset and specifying a transfer encoding are two DIFFERENT things. You may want to use \xdd even when you are using default Latin-1 charset and thus we'd better not get confused by these two. -- iida