- MAN PAGE corrections from proofreader

John J. Kane jkane89@softhome.net
Sun, 05 Nov 2000 13:58:00 -0500

Proofreading 'gpg.man' in English --
Proofreading by a native speaker with good grammar skills.
These corrections are based on the ver.1.0.4 'gpg.man'.

Please give this to the documentation editor.  I am not on
the lists, but can be reached at <jkane89@softhome.net>.

 "This man page  does only list"  should read
 "This man page  only lists "

 "Encrypt with symmetric cipher only   This"  should read
 " only. "

 "the files to  bee verified"  should read
 " be "

 "each  anem muts  be on  separate line."  should read
 "each  name must  be on a separate line."

 " only used interactive."  should read
 " interactively. "

 "experimental feature which allows  to create"  should read
 " allows you to "

--edit-key  // deluid
 "an user id."  should read
 "a  user id."

 "you  secret key."  should read
 "your secret key."

 "you  secret key."  should read
 "your secret key."

 "still be able to check"  should read
 "still want the ability to check" or
 "still want to be able to check" or
 "still want to check"

 " does also export ... compatible  to  OpenPGP"  should read
 " also exports   ...  compatible  with  OpenPGP"

 " but does export the secret keys. " is ambiguous; try
EITHER  " but also exports the secret keys. "
    OR  " but exports the secret keys instead. "

 "security risk.  the second form"  should read
 " The "

 "can not be expected to successful import"  should read
 " successfully "

 "the --merge-only  options "  should read
 " option "

 "for backup purposes "  should read
 " purposes. "

 "doing, it may remove"  should read
 "doing; it may remove"  (semicolon)

 "even  it does list  not all options."  should read
 "even though it doesn't list all options."

 "a valid one. n ame must be a non empty. "  should read
 "a valid one.  Name must be  non-empty. "

 "intended for  in the options file"  should read
 "intended for use in the options file"

 "may be used together with an own user-id"  perhaps
 "with your own user-id"   ?

 "to the TTY   if if   --batch is used"

 "allows  to keep  ...   or the  ... commands."  should read
 "allows you to keep ... for the ... commands."

 "These options effects all following arguments."  should read
 "These options affect all ..."

 "the depreciated shared-memory IPC mode"  should read
 " deprecated "

 "This options forces v3 signatures"  should read
 "This option ..."

 "always used with the newer  cipher"  should read
 " ciphers "

 "This options will let gpg"  should read
 "This option ..."

 "to store it's internal random pool"  should read
 " its "

 "Currently it does only skip"  should read
 "Currently it only skips"

 "the way a signature was encode."  should read
 " encoded. "

In the 'How to specify a user ID' section, remove the line:
 "Used to locate the default home directory."

In 'BUGS':
 "3our operating system"  should read
 "your operating system"


 - John J. Kane <jkane89@softhome.net>
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