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Werner Koch
Fri Nov 9 10:35:03 2001

On Fri, 9 Nov 2001 01:05:34 +0300, Sergei Astanin said:

> Hello, GnuPG team!
> You are doing a great job. Thank you a lot for the product! I would like
> to contribute a little now.


> It seems I could help translating the website into Russian language.
> I wonder who I should contact to coordinate the work, how much is

I attach some notes for translators, you probably need to contact me
but I am currently not very respoensive ;-)

You can use cvs pserver with anoncvs/anoncvs to get a copy of the CVS


	   Some hints for translators of the web pages
			(wk 2001-10-18)

The master version of files are in english and located in the "en"

We have sources of the webpages, which are partly incomplete HTML
files with some special comments in them.  These are stored in the
CVS.  2 times a day, the latest revision of the CVS gets checked out
and a script uses these to build the actual web pages.

This is much easier than to edit the HTML stuff directly.  For
example: There is a file countries.trn, which has the english name,
the translated name, and an optional string which is used to sort the
mirror list. The mirrorlist ist then created from a file MIRRORS in
the english directory and sorted as it is required for the specific
language.  Quite easy, you don't have to do anymore translating
(except for adding new countries to countries.trn).

Another thing is the navigation menu:  It is inserted by a special
comment and modified so that it best fit's to the actual page.

The body tag should be placed on a line for its own and be left
justified, so that the build script can replace it with a customized
body tag.

Of course, the footer gets appended too.

All these special templates needed for the menu, the body tag and the
footer are named * - they should be translated.

Stuff which is not translated defaults to the english version.

To update the CVS, you need an account on the machine, then do this:

$ cvs -z3 -d checkout gnupg-www

The thing gets build 2 times a time:

12 3,15   * * *  /home/werner/bin/

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