GnuPG mini howto translated to catalan

Josep MonÚs i Teixidor
Sun Dec 15 05:52:01 2002

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I've just subscribed to this list but I think my message will be

I've just translated the gnupg mini howto to my mother tongue: catalan.
The translation is based on the english version of the document (version
1.3) and has a chapter from the spanish translation about GnuPG and PGP

You can find it here (I post the link not to crowd too much the list):

I would really appreciate if someone could upload it to the GnuPG
website with the other translations, thanks.

BTW, does anyone know the current email address of the original author
(german version) and the translator of the spanish version? Their email
addresses seem to be down and I'd like to communicate them the
translation (it's a nice thing to know your work has been translated).

Thank you for GnuGP! It rocks!

Josep Mon=E9s i Teixidor <>
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