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Ingemar Fällman Ingemar.Fallman@UMDAC.UmU.SE
Sat Mar 2 21:09:02 2002

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There is a problem with many of the translated Comment lines.

For example the swedish comment line..

    Comment: F=F6r information se

This line works fine as long as the charset is set to ISO-8859-1.

But if no charset is included, (that is when the mail is encrypted)=20
then the =F6 will be translated to =3DF6.

    Comment: F=3DF6r information se

And this results in a CRC error when trying to decrypt
the message.

This will result in error when sending encrypted mails..
Singed mails works fine because they have a charset.

This is not only a Swedish problem.. Any translation with a Comment line=20
containing non ASCII chars would be affected.

My personal opinion is that the Comment line shuld not be translated
because it is not part of the user interface.

Note: I used mutt and evolution when I found this problem, and
      I have changed my own comment line so that it works.

/Ingemar F=E4llman

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