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Sat Sep 28 18:14:04 2002


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<title>Dear friend</title>


<div align=3D"left">
  <table border=3D"0" cellpadding=3D"0" cellspacing=3D"0" width=3D"576" h=
      <td width=3D"580" align=3D"right" height=3D"26">
      <p align=3D"center"><i><b><font color=3D"#000080" size=3D"4"><span =
lang=3D"en-us">Dear friend</span><span lang=3D"sl">
      </span><span lang=3D"en-us">!</span></font></b></i><p class=3D"MsoN=
ormal" align=3D"center">
      <font color=3D"#000080" face=3D"Charlesworth">
      <span lang=3D"en-us">
      You are invite in the best=20
      business opportunity on internet <br>
      <span lang=3D"sl">*********************************</span></font><s=
pan lang=3D"en-us"><br>
      <font color=3D"#800000"><font face=3D"Arial Black">GUARANTY: <b> <b=
      <font color=3D"#800080"><b><span lang=3D"sl">**<u><font face=3D"Cha=
rlesworth">Money in your=20
      account in  </font></font>
      <font color=3D"#000080" face=3D"Arial Black">7</font><font color=3D=
"#800080"><font face=3D"Arial Black"> </font><font face=3D"Charlesworth">=
days</font></font></u><font color=3D"#800080"><font face=3D"Charlesworth"=
>**</font></font></span></b><span lang=3D"en-us"><font face=3D"Charleswor=
      <span style=3D"background-color: #FFFFFF">*No risk  </span>
      &nbsp;*No sale,
      <span lang=3D"en-us" style=3D"background-color: #FFFFFF">*No=20
      phone calling, *No meetings ,
      *No setup fees...<br>
      *Free promotion of=20
      your internet business <br>
      control your business</i><br>
      *1000=B4s of customers, business partners or friends
      <td width=3D"580" align=3D"right" height=3D"44">
      <p align=3D"center"><span style=3D"background-color: #000080" lang=3D=
      <font size=3D"4" color=3D"#FFFFFF"><b><i>Now is time to change your=
 life for=20
      ever and start make money now !&nbsp; </i></b></font></span></td>
      <td width=3D"580" align=3D"right" height=3D"44">
      <p align=3D"center"><b><i><span lang=3D"en-us"><font size=3D"4" col=
      <span style=3D"background-color: #FFFFFF">Following opportunity com=
e 1 or 2</span><span lang=3D"sl">=20
      times</span><span lang=3D"en-us">=20
      in life, so don't miss this !</span></span></font></i></b></td>
      <td width=3D"580" align=3D"right" height=3D"26">
      <p align=3D"center"><font color=3D"#800000"><span lang=3D"en-us">Fo=
r free login</span><span lang=3D"sl">=20
      and trial</span><span lang=3D"en-us">,=20
      just <b><i>Reply message</i></b>&nbsp; and print=20
      your <b>first name</b></span><b><span lang=3D"sl">,=20
      country and <br>
      state/&nbsp; if&nbsp; from USA or CANADA/</span></b><span lang=3D"e=
n-us"> in <b>=BBsubject=AB</b>=20
      line&nbsp; </span> </font></td>
      <td width=3D"580" align=3D"right" height=3D"19">
      <p align=3D"left" style=3D"margin-top: 2; margin-bottom: 1">
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      &nbsp;<p align=3D"center" style=3D"margin-top: 2; margin-bottom: 1"=
      &nbsp;<p class=3D"MsoNormal" align=3D"left">T<font size=3D"1">o be =
removed from=20
      our database, reply with &quot;REMOVE&quot; in the subject&nbsp;&nb=
sp; <br>
      line. We have also stated &quot;ADV&quot; (ADVERT) in the subject l=
ine of this&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>
      e-mail. This is required by US law and though we are in the EUROPE =
      are&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>
      permitted to solicit business by e-mail, we would also like to ensu=
re&nbsp; <br>
      that out of respect, you were given the opportunity to reject this&=
nbsp; <br>
      e-mail without reading it if you so chose.&nbsp;&nbsp;</font></td>