error in webpages localisation

Robert Millan
Fri Feb 21 18:45:01 2003


There's a problem with web page localisation at If this
isn't the proper place to report it please tell me where should i ask.

The problem is that the configuration assumes a language corresponds to
each political state. So when i connect from Spain with a ".es" domain, it
automaticaly assigns me a page in Castillian (Spanish). This isn't correct
since there are many languages spoken in Spain other than Castillian
(although only one of them is called "Spanish") and similar situations
happen in other states.

If you want to provide multi-language pages, the solution is to parse
browser requests for language preferences. For example, my browser is
configured to ask for a page in Catalan and fallback to English:

  Accept-Language: en, ca;q=0.50

If the problem is caused by a misbehaving proxy server i'd appreciate
if you could tell me to see if i can find a solution.


Robert Millan

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