Notice typo and incorrect text in the German messages of gnupg 2.0.8 and dirmngr

Werner Koch wk at
Tue Jan 22 12:36:17 CET 2008

On Fri, 18 Jan 2008 11:02, ludwig.reiter at said:

> -msgstr "Zertikikatrichtlinien nicht ÃŒberprÃŒfen"
> +msgstr "Zertifikatsrichtlinien nicht ÃŒberprÃŒfen"

The typo has already been fixed.  I stick to singular with Zertifikat
(like Microsoft does).

>  #: tools/gpgconf-comp.c:671
>  msgid "|URL|use keyserver at URL"
> -msgstr "Benutze SchlÃŒsselserver unter der URL"
> +msgstr "Benutze den SchlÃŒsselserver unter der URL"

The first one is korrekt because there might be more than one keyserver
under one URL.

>  #: tools/gpgconf-comp.c:648 tools/gpgconf-comp.c:710
>  msgid "|NAME|encrypt to user ID NAME as well"
> -msgstr "|NAME|Auf an NAME verschlÃŒsseln"
> +msgstr "|NAME|An NAME verschlÃŒsseln"

The correct fix is:

  +msgstr "|NAME|Auch an NAME verschlÃŒsseln"

All other applied.



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