[HEAD PATCH] Use ngettext where appropriate

Fòram na Gàidhlig fios at foramnagaidhlig.net
Fri Dec 4 11:06:55 CET 2015

Sgrìobh Werner Koch na leanas 04/12/2015 aig 09:36:
> On Thu,  3 Dec 2015 11:03, fios at foramnagaidhlig.net said:
>> Not applying an ngettext patch will be at the cost of all the Slavic
>> languages and of Arabic, just to name a few examples. You should at the
>> very least try to always use ngettext when marking up new strings for
>> translation.
> And for German as well.  We already have way too many translatable
> strings (2111 as of today) and using ngettext all over the place would
> add a lot more of these strings, code complexity and new bugs.
> The majority of users are anyway using a frontend to gpg and thus I
> believe it is better to properly translate those GUIs.

I agree that the frontends are more important. So yes, do make any
change a as low a cost for everybody as possible :)

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