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i have been a user of gpg for many years so i thought it was maybe time to give back :D

I want to help out on the translation of the gnupg2 family of programs. I have been translating for some Free Software applications for a while and I am used a little to the gettext format.

I already contributed an update to gnupg2 (still needs a final touch), and I want to start translating libgpg-error.

The libgpgerror sourcecode does not have a po/es.po file yet :(

So I cloned the repo at

I tried to generate an es.po file with `intltool-update -p` but it failed because some files are missing, and even when I added such files to, the resulting es.po file was very short (only 29 strings, compared to i.e. 444 in the de.po file).

While translating the gnupg es.po file it was nice for me to be able to generate my file, because i could have a look at the code easily with the references intltool added on top of each string. With Poedit I can just right-click on a string while translating, and a browser will open with the exact line of code where this string is generated. gives me idea of the context and I can make a better translation then (and practice my rusty C as a bonus)

I did a test, copying the German version and deleting the translations to start anew. I will follow up this way if I cannot generate the .po files myself, even when it looks a bit dodgy and I depend on the other translations to be updated, and I have no way to check on this.

But I would really like to be able to generate the files myself if that is possible.

Is there any link to instructions on how to generate .pot files, and refresh po/$LOCALE.po files from them? I looked at the webpage and the readmes in the repo but I could not find any.

If not, I will just go with the 'copy from German po' approach.

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