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On Friday, October 26, 2018 1:15:08 AM CEST Chuhao Li wrote:
> I'm willing to help the translation of the GnuPG to Chinese(Simplified).


> And I have found that there is a 'po' folder with the language files in
> the the main git repository. I have also successfully get a latest pot
> file through browsing mailing list archives. 

The best way to obtain the latest po files, if you do not want or can't install 
git, is probably through the git browser.;a=tree;h=refs/heads/

There you can download a snapshot or a file directly. This is better then just 
taking one from the mailing list archives.

> Now I am still working
> on the translation. However, I'm not quite sure how to participate in
> the work correctly. Is there any instructions on how to submit my work?

The usual way is to submit patches. Again the easiest way would be to install 
git. Then after changing the po file "commit" it with the command: git commit
and afterwards create a patch with the command "git format-patch HEAD~1".

Then you can send that patch to this mailing list. There are a lot of guides 
how to use git available online.

If you do not want to use git, you could also just send the updated .po file.

Best Regards,

It would be great if you could also help with the zh_CN translation of GpgOL, 
the Microsoft Outlook plugin for GnuPG. (;a=tree;f=po )
There were a lot of string changes since the last zh_CN translation. :-)

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