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Дата: Wed, 13 Jun 2007 12:23:32 +0200
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Тема: [Gpg4win-announce] Be a Gpg4win sponsor and vote for next features

Dear Gpg4win users,

Gpg4win 1.0 has gained a huge user basis since its 1.0.0 release
in April 2006.

Besides regularly updating the tools inside Gpg4win, now a major step
to version 1.1.0 happened with the new, often-requested english
users manual for beginners. This was possible because of the
time-consuming volunteer work of Brigitte Hamilton and further proof-readers.

We received numerous wishes on how to improve Gpg4win.
Unfortunately we were only able to consider some of them.

We received a few sponsorships and are thankful for each of them.
But the number of users is so much bigger than we have sponsors.

Please take the opportunity to sponsor Gpg4win if it makes your daily live
easier or saves you money by avoiding expensive alternatives.

 -> Just click on the PayPal Icon at http://www.gpg4win.org

In conjunction with a sponsorship, leave a note on what you like to see
next with Gpg4win. We interpret this as a vote and try to adapt plans
to what users apparently need.

We would use the money primarily for motivating current
and future volunteers. Part of this is to make the hard work
happen so  that volunteers can have more fun contributing.

Some wishes that have reached us more than once so far:

* Translate also the experts manual to english

* Translate both manuals into various languages.

* Update Claws-Mail (former Sylpheed-Claws) and
   improve it with SSL and IMAP support.

* Add GPGoe (Plugin for Outlook Express Support)

* Add support for Windows Vista

* Improve GPGol (Plugin for Outlook Support) in various

* Improve GPGol to better support Outlook 2007

* Add S/MIME support with GnuPG 2.0 including the
  whole tool chain with key manager and plugins for
  email programs.

With best regards

        The Gpg4win Developement Team
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