encrypting problems: same address, but one key is disabled...

sen_ml@eccosys.com sen_ml@eccosys.com
Mon, 09 Aug 1999 18:16:37 +0900


  i have a couple of keys on my keyring that share the same mail address.
one is disabled while the other is not -- when i try to encrypt using
the mail address as an identifier, i get:

    skipped: public key is disabled

  in this kind of a situation, isn't it reasonable to expect gpg to
move on to use the enabled key instead?

  also, when i do:

    gpg --edit-key <the-address-i-mentioned-above>

only one key appears as something i can select, while when i do:

    gpg --list-keys <the-address-i-mentioned-above>

both keys are displayed.  it would be nice if both keys were listed as
a result of invoking gpg w/ '--edit-key'.

  thanks for your time.