NAI PGP 6.02 + gpg 0.9.10 interoperability?

David Crookes
Sun, 15 Aug 1999 19:31:17 +0100


I've been quickly testing gpg 0.9.10 interoperability with pgp 6.02. Could I
expect this to work with the right set-up?

gpg seems to deal with PGP 6.02 created files just fine so far, but going the
otherway causes problems.

I currently have the following options file:

cipher-algo CAST5
digest-algo MD5
s2k-cipher-algo CAST5
s2k-digest-algo MD5
s2k-mode 0
compress-algo 1

I then perform:

"gpg --options myoptionsfile -c testfile"

with a passphrase of "test".

When I use PGP 6.02 to decrypt the file, it insists on a bad passphrase. The
above options create a packet list that matches as closely as possible that of
a similarly created file from PGP 6.02.