MacOS X Server 5.5/ppc

R. Emory Lundberg
Tue, 30 Nov 1999 23:02:32 -0500

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On Mon, Nov 29, 1999 at 07:55:04PM +0100, Werner Koch wrote:

> R. Emory Lundberg wrote:
> > though one must wonder if 'based on gcc...' is good enough. i'll inves=
> > this avenue. (not that it matters, but other gnu software builds, and =
> Can you do a diff between stock and the Apple one?
I found that it installed the source to gcc in /System/Developer/Source/GNU= /gcc, when you ask about a diff between the two, should I just download 2.7= .2.1 and run diff on *.c or what? in gcc.c, I found this: #ifdef NeXT extern char *next_version; fprintf (stderr, "Apple Computer, Inc. version %s, based on ", next_version); #endif #ifdef NEXT_PDO if (! strcmp (version_string, compiler_version)) fprintf (stderr, "gcc version %s for Apple PDO\n", version_string); else fprintf (stderr, "gcc driver version %s executing gcc version %s for NeX= T PDO \n", leading me to believe that this may be a worked up version of gcc merely us= ing the NeXT configs.=20 --=20 echo ++ > ~/.rhosts && echo baby I got ya money use OpenBSD! gpg/pgp key fingerprint: DE40 C3B3 2D00 B9DF AA58 2A28 3B8C B783 E7BE E971 --Cp3Cp8fzgozWLBWL Content-Type: application/pgp-signature -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v1.0.0 (OpenBSD) Comment: For info see iD8DBQE4RJ3XO4y3g+e+6XERAa6wAKCTeIZG2mRtm46H6iMI4U3ihfhB2QCcCxp0 lBouXXTk8RhEpOf9m8O1ZJA= =Ggvs -----END PGP SIGNATURE----- --Cp3Cp8fzgozWLBWL--