New UK crypto law and an idea on how to defeat it

Sean Rima Sean Rima <>
Wed, 1 Dec 1999 22:31:18 +0000

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Hi Billy!

On Wed, 01 Dec 1999, Billy Donahue wrote:

> > My personal view is that such a bill may not happen. But if it does, it=
> > be mainly used for Organised Crime and Pedophile and not against the
> > average person on the street.
> There are many levels of people who are interesting to the police.
> It isn't a matter of black and white, pedophile or avg-person.
That is true, the police do like to have an interest in a lot more than they let on.
> This would certainly been used against Gandhi, M.L. King, Phil Zimmerman,
> Tories, Sinn Fein, Communists, GreenPeace, the Pope, movie stars, and a
> host of other completely responsible intellectuals and influential
> (or potentially influential) public figures.
My examples were only examples. Given the list above and the causes they were/are involved in, then yes they would be of interest to not only the police but also the secret services.
> To bury your head in the sand like that is unacceptable.. I wonder
> what would bring such a naive person to the GnuPG mailing list.
I view is simple. I don't believe that it will be brought in but if there is an attempt then I will fight against it. I do not believe that the goverment should have the right to say that I have to do this.
> Unless you're a covert (or even overt) gov't. propagandist.
ROTFL, I have been called many a thing, but never one of these :) Sean --=20 GPG ID (DSA) 92B9D0CF PGP2 ID 19592A0D Linux User: #124682 ICQ: 679813 To get my PGP Keys send me an empty email with retrieve as the subject It said "Needs Windows 95 or better". So I installed Linux... --YiEDa0DAkWCtVeE4 Content-Type: application/pgp-signature -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v1.0.0 (GNU/Linux) Comment: See Headers for details about obtaining my key iEYEARECAAYFAjhFobYACgkQGdiK9pK50M+qbwCfU1vvV1cuJlb6sjt4/zBg6eHR /xYAn1+Kuq5tT1WcE9i65vUClH0YNmyH =yhLy -----END PGP SIGNATURE----- --YiEDa0DAkWCtVeE4--