Thilo Barth
Mon, 06 Dec 1999 21:48:11 +0100

Werner Koch <> wrote:

> Thilo Barth wrote:
>> Thus the signature of the GnuPG package is a dazzle -- werner's current
>> public key is neither incorporated into a web-of-trust nor certified by
>> any CA, which is a non-tolerable situation for such an ambitious
>Did you read the README? Did you noticed that it is signed with my
>old RSA key which in turn is very good connected and printed in the
>GTR? The fingerprint of the signing key is inside this README file
Yes, in fact I did, once upon a time, but whilst reading and replying the message I was referring to I did not consult my long-term memory. My apologies.
>So where is the problem?
Some people are still used to be confronted with only ONE key which serves for all sort of purposes. They have to think over again.