Rolf Hillen hillen@ldv35.uni-trier.de
Sat, 11 Dec 1999 11:54:14 +0100

Magnus Roth wrote:

> Hello!
> When i want to export a key i do this "gpg --export" then i get a scramble console look at picture
> attached! a bug!?
> And a question how do i enable CAST5? Or can i only encrypt PGP publics keys?
> Anyway nice util i will now on use GnuPGP instead of PGP if i can only start to export keys :-)
Hi Magnus, your should use the "--armor" option as explained in the manpage under the option "--export";-). Otherwise, you get too many control characters scrambling youaf we▀r÷oasf▀324012 af8 .... what might be ok if you send your key as an (mime-)attachment. -- Gruesse Rolf GPG/PGP-key 60BB006C (rolf@uni.de) available at www.keyserver.net