HELP: gpg ---> pgp 2.6.3i signing error

T.H.E. Walrus
Sat, 11 Dec 1999 16:12:07 +0100

(excuse me for bad english)

I receive a "corrupted text" error from PGP 2.6.3i when I try to
decrypt a file encrypted\signed by GPG 1.00. 

simple encryption without signing and clearsigning of previously 
encrypted text are OK.

IDEA & RSA support enabled 
signing key is a 1024 RSA
--cipher-algo IDEA
--digest-algo MD5 (or default)
--compress-algo 1 (or default)
-z 0 (or default)
force-v3-sigs enabled
armor enabled (or disabled)
textmode disabled (if enabled, I get the same error for
simple encryption without signing, too)
text NOT piped to GPG for encryption


                  T.H.E. Walrus

Key fingerprint = 82 90 B8 CB CD 47 10 56  36 58 0B 69 61 23 FD F2
PGP key available on keyservers